GoPro HD Hero Helmet Camera

I have a HD GoPro Hero Helmet Camera!

This camera films in High Definition at 30 Frames per second.
Some details about the filming quality from GoPro’s Website:
The camera shoots in: 1080p, 960p, and 720p in 30 and 60 fps (720p).

I will be testing it out for a few weeks on my bicycle and then it will be making the trip to Japan with me for a Skiing extravaganza! Yay the snow!
I have never seen the snow. Well, I have seen it on TV and in Movies of course.

So I have posted a short video of me struggling with the packaging of the Camera and describing the contents.
[vimeo width=”400″ height=”300″][/vimeo]

Cost Details:

Firstly, I ordered from Amazon and they would not ship to Australia. I then used a forwarding company in the US to ship to Australia.

So the total costs is Australian Dollars including Currency conversion fees & postage.

1x HD GoPro Helmet  Hero – $279.99USD
1x GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount – $19.99USD
1x GoPro Chest Mount Harness – $36.00USD
1x 8GB Transcend SDHC Class4 – Included in package
Postage & Shipping – $87.29AUD
Total = $433.48AUD

As a comparison, the cheapest I found in Australia at the time was for the HD GoPro Helmet Hero alone at $430AUD
I just had a quick look at the Australian company and the price has gone up to $439AUD.

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