Hi all, this one is for people running a Windows Small Business server at home or in their business.

Two clients with Windows Small Business Server 2011 on site and Windows 7 or Windows XP computers were not able to log into their Windows Live Mail / Hotmail Accounts.

When accessing the website and trying to access their email, they would be presented with a blank white webpage: e.g.





While, I am unsure of what causes the issue.

But I have the quick fix:

  1. Restart the DNS service on your SBS server.
  2. Open an Elevated Command Prompt
  3. Input ipconfig /flushdns

In my cases, I had to Flush the DNS Cache to get Windows Live Mail / Hotmail loading on the SBS Server, but it was working on the Client PC’s after restarting the DNS Service.

If someone from Microsoft has any input as to why this is happening, it would be rather nice of you to post it.

As always everybody, enjoy.


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