(Old) Windows 8 keeps installing default drivers (Change the way Windows 8 Managers Device Drivers)

This post is no longer relevant as Windows 8 has been replaced.

Right, so I came across this “Feature” when I installed Windows 8 onto an oldish laptop. Windows 8 was running fine but when I tried to install Synaptics Touch pad drivers, the OS would reinstall another touch pad driver essentially disabling my mouse and keyboard. (Annoying!!!! but if I were an average user who just bought a new laptop which was built with Windows 8 in mind, this may have worked a charm.)

So now to my second encounter with this fantastic feature.

Running Sketchup 2013 on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

I just bought a 3D printer, and when it arrives I want to be able to build my own creations. (I will put up a review of the printer when it is here. I am so excited!!!)
So, I have a fresh Microsoft Surface Pro which I have just installed all the latest updates on as of 23/06/2013.
Happily, I install Sketchup 2013 and launch the application.
I select the Template to start with and Whamo! the application crashes and a Bug Splat report is launched.

01_sketchuplaunch    02_bugsplat

Now what??
Well, a little searching revealed an informative post on the Google Product Forums: Sketchup 2013 crashes on start up (Thanks guys, the details are in the post too.)

It turns out, the cause is the display driver. There is a different version of the Intel Display driver available than what Windows 8 will automatically install.

By simply downloading and installing the version from Intel, Sketchup will run happily on the Surface Pro.

Now what happens when Windows 8 wants to do the right thing and keep the OS running how it has been told to run.
Well, it will just install the driver from the Windows update database.
We do not want that because Sketchup will stop working again! (At least until Microsoft & Intel update Windows Update.)
So here are the steps we need to follow.

Change Device Installation Settings

This guide is intended for users with a technical knowledge of the Windows 8 Operating system.

  1. Bring up your Start Search by swiping left from the right side of your screen.
  2. Tap Settings and type in: “Change Device Installation Settings
  3. Tap on “Change Device Installation Settings
  4. Select “No, let me choose what to do
    and Select”Never install driver software from Windows Update
  5. Select “Save Changes

Just remember this will stop Windows 8 managing Device Drivers. It could potentially cause problems when it comes to the Touch interface driver updates. Hopefully Microsoft & Intel will get on this and we can put this setting back to automatic.

Happy 3D’ing people!

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