Deleting multiple folders in Microsoft Outlook

Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted anything. So here goes. You are expected to have a fairly decent knowledge of computers and applications to follow this article. The Tutorial is a little simple and it sits at the bottom of this post. When you encounter a very messy¬†Microsoft Outlook Mailbox. The mailbox in question was originally stored in Entourage 2008 on a Mac connecting to POP email with a mailbox size of around 10 Gigabytes. Eventually a server was installed at the office and (more…)

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Windows Vista SP 2 – Installed

Microsoft has recently released the latest Service Pack for Windows Vista. A service pack is a collection of software updates, fixes and or enhancements delivered in one package. When it comes to operating system updates, I recommend they are installed as soon as possible, with service packs I usually read what other peoples experiences are, or install on a test machine to see if any major changes have occurred. After a bit of research on the latest Service Pack, I say V (more…)

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People ask me – How can I choose an Internet Service Provider?

First off a very basic explanation:

The Internet

  • The Internet is what you are connected to when you look at a website e.g. reading this very blog post online, chatting to a friend, using your email and more. The Internet is made up of lots of computers connected to one another in a network, this can be via many different mediums.
Now you cannot just plug your computer into a phone socket and hope to be online. You need to be connected via an ISP (Internet Service Provider.) To be (more…)

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