Deleting multiple folders in Microsoft Outlook

Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted anything. So here goes.

You are expected to have a fairly decent knowledge of computers and applications to follow this article.
The Tutorial is a little simple and it sits at the bottom of this post.

When you encounter a very messy Microsoft Outlook Mailbox.

The mailbox in question was originally stored in Entourage 2008 on a Mac connecting to POP email with a mailbox size of around 10 Gigabytes.
Eventually a server was installed at the office and the email then had to be connected to Exchange and imported.
Once that was complete, the Mac was removed and the Mailbox is now sitting on a Windows 7 PC.

All well and good, only Entourage imported a whole lot of junk with it. Because of the mess of a mailbox, the performance of Outlook is reduced to a crawl.
This also causes problems with syncing the mailbox on Hand Held Devices, iPhones in particular (Sigh.)

In my case, I have to export the Mailbox to a PST file. Clean out all the junk (I will create a new PST file and import only the email, contacts and calendars that I want there. Delete the current Mailbox on the exchange server. Create a new empty mailbox and import the email, contacts and calendars from a cleaned out PST file.
Time consuming yes, but we are paid to get the job done right.

For your viewing pleasure I have attached a small screenshot of the contacts folders which are causing the issue. There are actually over 500 entries in this particular Mailbox, and is causing all the sync and performance issues.

Deleting multiple folders in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Download and install Pandali Folder Master for Outlook (This is the only application I have found capable of performing the task at hand.)
  2. Open MS Outlook
  3. Launch Pandali Folder Master for Outlook
  4.  The application will list the contents of the MS Outlook Profile. (If you have multiple profiles, you have an option to choose which profile to browse.)
  5. Select the folders you wish to delete and go for gold

Good luck all, and let me know how you go.

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