Eye on Technology is a solutions provider, specialising in technology management, hardware sales and support for home users and businesses.

On the blog page of this website I will be posting helpful information about IT, gadgets, hardware and software products.

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In IT we always need to be on our toes just to keep up with the industry. There is always something new out there which is why I am here.
I am looking to focus of securing networks and educating users in better security practices to help avoid network or service compromise.

I have been and will continue using and testing out products which are useful for the home and business users.
I can make educated choices on what products are best suited to implement within your IT environment.

With the knowledge of what a user needs to keep operating efficiently, I am able to offer superior support.

Nothing helps more than someone there to keep an eye out for you and your mission critical infrastructure by providing Home and business users with:

Remote support: Using remote access software I am able to diagnose and repair computer systems.

On-Site support: I will be there to install and maintain servers and networks, including installations and upgrades.


Articles for self help and general information.

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