Windows 7 – Upgrade Offer

Good news all.

Windows 7 is the next version in the long line of Microsoft operating systems. I am genuinely excited about this release. I have been using Windows 7 for the past 6 months on my laptop and it is running well and looks great.

Now that it is close to launch, Microsoft have set the purchase by date for a free upgrade for certain versions of Vista.

If you are deciding to buy a new computer, with Windows Vista installed you are eligible for a free upgrade when Windows 7 is finally released.

Quoted from the Microsoft Website, “Your Windows 7 upgrade will be to the comparable version: so you’ll get either Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional (the upgrade to Windows Vista Business), or Windows 7 Ultimate, respectively. The Windows 7 Upgrade Option program runs from 26 June 2009 through 31 January 2010.”

According to Microsoft the PC suppliers have the option to stop running the offer sooner than Microsoft. So when you do purchase your new computer, just check before you pay the money and make sure they will honour the Upgrade offer.

Just remember, Vista Home Basic is not eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 7.

Below are a list of some qualifying Vista versions, head to the upgrade offer website for more information.

Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade = Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade
Windows Vista Home Premium Full = Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade
Windows Vista Business Upgrade = Windows 7 Professional Upgrade
Windows Vista Business Full = Windows 7 Professional Upgrade
Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade = Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade
Windows Vista Ultimate Full = Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade

More details are avaliable here Windows 7 Upgrade Offer.

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