Windows Vista SP 2 – Installed

Microsoft has recently released the latest Service Pack for Windows Vista.

A service pack is a collection of software updates, fixes and or enhancements delivered in one package.

When it comes to operating system updates, I recommend they are installed as soon as possible, with service packs I usually read what other peoples experiences are, or install on a test machine to see if any major changes have occurred.

After a bit of research on the latest Service Pack, I say V (more…)

Cebit 2009 – Sydney

As the Title suggests, I went to Cebit today… Oh yes, walking around for 5 hours hunting down useful and fun gadgets, software, hardware anything!!

Unfortunately, there was not much to be seen in the way of innovation throughout the 3 halls. I guess I was expecting a lot more, it feels as though Cebit quality has declined somewhat over the years and it does not compare in anyway to CES or even Cebit in Germany.

All in all, it was not the most tragic of days, there were a few things that caught my eye at this years show and I did meet up with Leigh a reporter with The Gadget Grill at which point (more…)

People ask me – How can I choose an Internet Service Provider?

First off a very basic explanation:

The Internet

  • The Internet is what you are connected to when you look at a website e.g. reading this very blog post online, chatting to a friend, using your email and more. The Internet is made up of lots of computers connected to one another in a network, this can be via many different mediums.

Now you cannot just plug your computer into a phone socket and hope to be online. You need to be connected via an ISP (Internet Service Provider.) To be (more…)