Cannot restore from Previous Versions Server 2008 R2

I experienced a couple of issues where I could not restore a previous version using the built in Microsoft (Previous Versions function.) The problem was a combination of not being able to copy the file as the path + filename exceeded the 260 character directory + filename character limit. Another issue was not having secu

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Windows 8 keeps installing default drivers (Change the way Windows 8 Managers Device Drivers)

Right, so I came across this “Feature” when I installed Windows 8 onto an oldish laptop. Windows 8 was running fine but when I tried to install Synaptics Touch pad drivers, the OS would reinstall another touch pad driver essentially disabling my mouse and keyboard. (Annoying!!!! but if I were an average user who just […]

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Cannot log into Windows Live Mail / Hotmail – Windows SBS Server 2011

Hi all, this one is for people running a Windows Small Business server at home or in their business. Two clients with Windows Small Business Server 2011 on site and Windows 7 or Windows XP computers were not able to log into their Windows Live Mail / Hotmail Accounts. When accessing the website and trying […]

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Deleting multiple folders in Microsoft Outlook

Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted anything. So here goes. You are expected to have a fairly decent knowledge of computers and applications to follow this article. The Tutorial is a little simple and it sits at the bottom of this post. When you encounter a very messy Microsoft Outlook Mailbox. […]

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GoPro HD Hero Helmet Camera

I have a HD GoPro Hero Helmet Camera! This camera films in High Definition at 30 Frames per second. Some details about the filming quality from GoPro’s Website: The camera shoots in: 1080p,

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Down Time

Hi all, I have just migrated to a new webhost and there may be some downtime. I am currently fixing the links to any images that may be attached in the posts. It will be done!

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The things manufactures get up to.

Well ladies and gents. A notebook (laptop computer) was brought into the workshop because it was running really slow. I am talking when you turn on the computer it took ages to st

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Augmented Reality with The Hidden Park

First off, Augmented Reality is where the physical, real-world is augmented or merged with computer generated imagery. Basically what we will see very soon is a mobile phone application which when you point your phone at a street, the device will display information about restaurants in th

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Hard Drive Space

If your C Drive is very low on space, this can in some cases cause your computer to run slow. I have created a short tutorial on how to use the Windows Clean up tool to free up space on your Hard Drive. After using a free tool called Tree Size and comparing the reported […]

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Windows 7 – Upgrade Offer

Good news all. Windows 7 is the next version in the long line of Microsoft operating systems. I am genuinely excited about this release. I have been using Windows 7 for the past 6 months on my laptop and it is running well and looks great. Now that it is close to launch, Microsoft have […]

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