The things manufactures get up to.

Well ladies and gents.

A notebook (laptop computer) was brought into the workshop because it was running really slow. I am talking when you turn on the computer it took ages to start up, or just opening up the web browser would take a long time.

So this is a HP Compaq nx6320 I am talking about. The laptop was being powered by a universal power supply because the original HP power supply had broken.

During the testing, the laptop was moved to another desk and subsequently plugged into an genuine HP Power Supply. Well, the laptop was suddenly more responsive. Programs were loading normally and all was good.

The universal power supply was plugged in again and surprise, it was running like crud. The notebook slowed to a snails pace.

A call was made to HP and turns out, it is a design choice. They designed the laptop to run slowly when you don’t have an genuine HP Power Supply.

How is that for marketing.

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